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Free seedboxes and more...

For the next twenty-four hours we are going to be offering a five day seedbox on our 1gbit lines with 75gb of space. All we ask of you is to post a review to a forum or community you visit. We will also be doing the same in another twenty-four hours, though these will be only three days long. It's the best free seedbox you'll most likely ever get. You can apply for this free seedbox by opening a support ticket here. Mike would also like to explain a few things in a special message to those who are interested. To read it click this link. Also make sure to follow us on twitter for the newest release of information. Click here to view Biohost's twitter!
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Why Us?

Why should you choose biohost for a host or a seed box? Because we have top quality servers and top quality bandwidth. We have dealt with seedboxes, webhosting and torrents in general for several years giving us a ton of experience. We guarantee you will love our service or your money back! Check out our hosting servers specs!
  • Processor: Quad Core Xeon 3323 (2.55GHz, 2x6MB, 1066FSB)
  • Ram: 8GB (4x2GB Dual Rank DIMMs) DDR3
  • Hard Drive: Raid10 500GB SATA (7,200rpm) 3.5inch Drives
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered 1000 mbit unshared dedicated port
  • Server Location: The Netherlands
And take a look at our Torrentflux/Deluge/Rutorrent server specs!
  • Processor:Dual Quad core i7 8x2(HT) 2.88GHz 8MB L2 QPI 4.8 GT/sec
  • Ram: 24GB-32GB DDR3 Triple Racked DIMMS
  • Hard Drive: Raid0 WD Black 2TB Dual Proc Drives
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered 1Gbps Dedicated - 2Gbps Shared Burst
  • Server Location: France/Netherlands/Germany/Hongkong/USA/etc

What do we offer?

We offer the very best in uncensored offshore webhosting and Seedboxes, Guaranteed satisfaction. We also allow most scripts that most web hosts do not allow (Rapidleech, Megaleech etc etc)

What do we allow on our servers?
  • Rapidleech/Megaleech
  • Adult websites
  • All file extensions allowed (.rar/.mp3/.avi/.flv/.swf)
  • Proxy scripts
  • Nulled scripts
  • Warez Linking
  • Warez Hosting
What we do not allow
  • Phishing / Hijacking Accounts
  • Spam / Mass email
  • Child porn
  • Terrorism related websites
  • Racism / Hate sites

What is a seedbox?

A seedbox is basically a server downloading and seeding a torrent for you. And when it's completed you can directly download the file from the server via FTP. Why is this better? A server can download and seed at much better speeds. For more information check out our Seedbox Page.

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